Insights 2022

Understanding Society – Insights 2022

Understanding Society (the UK Household Longitudinal Study, based at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex) recently launched its 11th annual Insights report, showcasing COVID research.

With the pandemic still dominating the news and government policy, researchers explored how COVID has been affecting individuals, families and communities across the UK. The Study focused on three different aspects:

  • the economic effects, particularly as a result of being on furlough
  • the impact on mental health
  • what’s happened to young people.

Usually released as a printed brochure with a digital version to accompany it, this year the publication is online-only for the first time. So making full use of the digital platform, the report is full of useful hyperlinks, directing readers to a wide resource of information at the click of a button.


Insights 2022


The design clearly distinguishes each chapter through use of colour, enabling the reader to easily navigate the information. Hand-drawn motifs overlay photographic images, representing the copious note-taking and gathering of information. This styling is also used to highlight key quotes and author references. The relaxed, sketch-like graphics reflect the informal, conversational tone in which the interviewers interact with participants.

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