How to sway a potential client

Have you ever had a meeting that seems to have gone really well, only for the prospective client to then utter those dreaded words “let me think about it and I’ll get back to you” at the close of your meeting?

Enter the mighty ‘leave-behind’ brochure – one of the most powerful marketing tools that can be invaluable for swaying your prospective client into making a decision. As the name suggests, these are brochures that are left behind after a sales pitch. A concise summary of all that’s been said, it will trigger memories of all the great things you’ve told them about your business and why you are their only option.

Nothing can beat a creative brochure for creating that WOW factor and really make that great first impression last way beyond your meeting, and sway your potential client into making a decision further down the road.

Well, here are some great tips on creating a solid leave-behind that will work your magic for you long after your meeting has ended:


  1. Begin with a compelling headline and a memorable hook– why are you the best at what you do? This is where you need a knock-out idea and meaningful imagery to really get the message across.


  1. Include some great facts about your business. You could also back these up with some punchy infographics to help clarify more complex info.


  1. Think about the struggle your clients might experience without the support of your product or service. Striking imagery can then help to illustrate how you can solve their problems.


  1. The graphics must be stunning but don’t forget about the writing too – a professional copywriter can help you to make your point and in a voice that reflects the personality of your business.


  1. Include plenty of call-to-action points. You want your potential client to act on the information they’ve just digested.


  1. Embrace the idea of the ‘leave behind’ and save this for the end of the meeting, when they will be enticed to look at, read and digest it after you have left.


So, in a nutshell, whilst digital marketing wins hands down when it comes to providing feedback and an immediate response, a targeted printed communication that hits the right notes with your audience may well have more chance of creating a memorable experience in the reader’s mind and getting your message across in the most effective way.


Print and digital can work brilliantly together and it is often when they are pulling in the same direction that the most effective campaigns are created


The key, as always, is to select the right medium to communicate your message in the most effective way possible.


Have you created your own knock-out leave-behind yet? If not, why not give me a call on 01473 744884 or email