More than making things “pretty”

Effective graphic design can be critical for the success of a project and compel your audience to respond in the way you want.

Here are some of the top reasons why…


  • Information which is communicated visually is retained up to six times longer than that which is communicated by written word alone.


  • Since the majority of the world are visual learners, people do not like giant walls of text. Good typography and design helps us to get away from content that looks boring and feels confusing. It makes sense of complex information by breaking it down and increasing the readers’ level of interest.


  • Design enhances the readability of business materials, turning bland information into a showcase document that can play a powerful role in the success of a project.


  • Design emotionally connects a reader to a message just by looking at it. A person can be influenced to lean a certain way if the document utilizes the layout, photos, graphics and colours effectively.


  • Impressive graphics and visual metaphors can distil complicated issues and simplify them into highly compelling solutions.


  • Attractive design will grab an audience’s attention, keep them reading the document longer and increase their level of engagement. The more compelling it looks, the more likely it will be read in depth and the audience will respond to what they’ve learned.

    If you have any questions about a potential design project and how to get the most out your content,  contact me today.