Championing local independents…

For most of us it’s a competitive world out there. Many local independents compete against far bigger organisations, with enviable budgets to tell the world about their products and services.

However, they also often lack the invaluable personal touch, that we smaller local businesses pride ourselves upon.

We really do care about each of our customers, taking the time to build strong, long-lasting relationships with them and forging our reputation through word-of-mouth recommendations. We can also use our discretion to reward regular custom, offering discounts or tasters they’d never receive from a big chain. All with the highest level of service and a respect for the trust they place in us, to keep them coming back.

So when you’re putting together your next piece of marketing, don’t forget to mention how your small, trusted team can offer your customers a refreshing alternative and more value-for-money, than your multi-national rivals. Your dedication to their complete satisfaction is your secret weapon!


Get the most out of your marketing budget

Without the time or endless budget of a large chain organisation, smaller business budgets need to be carefully planned. The following questions may help to make sure your marketing is focused, on brand and sending the right messages about your business:

  1. What do customers know about you and are they aware of all you do?
  2. Who is your ideal customer and what are their demographics?
  3. What problems do they face and how can you help them solve these?
  4. Are they aware of any guarantees of customer satisfaction you can offer?
  5. Can you use testimonials from existing happy customers to prove this?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can then make sure that every piece of marketing (from your logo and strapline through to your printed leaflets / brochures and online material) speaks directly to your ideal customer, letting them know exactly why you’re their very best option.


If you need any help in making sure that your marketing is effective and compelling, please call me today on 01473 744884 or email me


P.S. I guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, by working with my clients and offering multiple review stages throughout the design process, where I always listen to their feedback, to get the very best results!