How outsourcing can save you money

Design agencies can be very expensive. Yet employing an in-house marketing manager may also be costly. So a popular option for many small businesses is outsourcing their marketing to a small design studio, who really get to know the nuts and bolts of their business and understand how best to connect with their audience. 

Could this be the solution for your organisation? Below are four key benefits to help determine whether to farm out for a specific project / regular marketing input:

  1. Save time and money
    By outsourcing your design and marketing, you won’t be encumbered with laws that regulate the employment of an in-house manager. This means you will benefit from immediate savings. You will be hiring strictly for what you need, without having to invest a great portion of your budget to just keep the employee on board.
  1. Flexible work schedules
    A traditional employer will usually set a work schedule for their employees, and any tasks or projects in progress are then produced within the boundaries of the employee’s work schedule. However, an external marketing partner can opt to work as early or as late as they see fit – late into the night, at the crack of dawn, during traditional lunch hours or even over national holidays. This results in increased work-flow efficiency for your business.
  1. Only pay for what you need
    The average employer finds themselves spending untold sums of money paying employees for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, office/cubicle visits, etc., in addition to the job the employee is supposed to be paid for! My fee is based on a flat rate per project, or a retainer, so costs are determined purely upon the value of the project and my expertise as a provider – nothing more.
  1. Fresh ideas from a fresh perspective
    It can sometimes be hard to step back from our business and see our products / services from our customer’s viewpoint. Bringing in an external marketing partner can make sure that you are focusing on the key benefits of your business and delivering these messages in the most effective way.


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