How does the Apple Watch affect logo design?

The Apple Watch has been recently unveiled and the graphics involved got me thinking about logo design and, in particular, how app buttons have given new life to the logo.


As designers, we like to talk about how a visual brand is more than a logo. In fact one of my favourite quotes goes something like “a logo alone does not make a brand … unless it’s on a cow!”

Back in the early days of corporate design, logo was king. Then, as time passed and the world moved on, more flexible design systems were needed, with numerous other design elements being introduced to define a business’ visual language. For quite a while, the logo almost became a secondary element in many cases.


However, with the arrival of Google, Twitter and a whole generation of other digital giants which live on our desktops, tablets, phones, and even glasses and watches, the logo now seems to have come full circle. The app button helps everyone to learn your logo fast, as they look for your brand among all the others.


“In the older days of the internet, people might have clicked your logo when they wanted to return to the homepage. Now they click it every time they want to interact with you.”

Jan Eumann, Wolff Olins


So, in a nutshell, although a brand is so much more than just a logo, as all brands go digital you need to make sure that your logo really stands out – especially when on a small screen within a circle, or rectangle with rounded corners!