Head over heels (with design)

As we celebrate another Valentine’s Day,
Let me pause for a moment, simply to say…

Why I love my job and love what I do
Creating logos, and brochures and websites for you!

It all starts with a brief, and some quick Q&As
About why you’re the best and how you amaze…

Your customers, with your sheer expertise,
And why you’re the go-to, the real bees-knees!

I then get out my pad and start scribbling ideas,
I find caffeine helps here, to grind through the gears!

My designs will show your customers how
You’re the best, and why they should contact you now!

So, since sharing is caring, do remember me if
You hear of a business that needs a lift;

I’ll attract more attention and boost any campaign,
So please remember my business, remember my name!



For more information call me today on 01473 744884 or email me