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In-house teams and external design studios: how to get the best out of each other

In-house design teams often face a large variety of briefs. Many find that bringing in an external design studio can be the best way to get the job done.

Not only can this ease the pressure, but projects benefit from talent and expertise outside of a team’s usual scope.

To make this work most effectively, the external designer/s must have a good understanding of practicalities and design systems, ensuring that the in-house team can utilise the design work post-delivery.

Laurence Honderick, head of design at BBC Creative, the broadcaster’s in-house creative team says

“My personal favourite thing about working with an external studio is when someone comes from the outside and challenges something that I take for granted in terms of the way we do things or think about ourselves.”

“It’s always refreshing to have your paradigms rattled by someone with a different point of view.”

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