Design trends for 2017

As I sat down to eat the obligatory post-Christmas turkey curry earlier this week (lovingly nicknamed Quirky-Murky-Turkey Curry in our house!) the new graphics on the table jar of mango chutney caught my eye. I noticed that the previous, rather ornate typography had been replaced by a hand-drawn brush script, giving the brand a lighter, more informal appeal.

My interest was piqued as this clearly follows the current design trend towards a more hand-crafted approach. 2017 has seen a return to a more organic, hand-crafted style. Many brands are looking to create a more authentic look that will appeal to customers who seek products that reflect their own values, culture and beliefs.

For example, leading bread brand Kingsmill has recently been rebranded (for the second time in two years), replacing their previously sleek, computer generated graphics with hand-drawn typography and illustration. Their decision to add a more human element instantly evokes a down-to-earth charm and conveys the feeling that the product is wholesome and fresh.

Hand-rendered sketches are also becoming increasingly popular as a way of explaining and illustrating more complex problems or instructions, helping consumers to digest the information quickly and with a more individual and authentic flair.  Hand-drawn infographics seem less staged and more honest than computer generated ones, adding a sense of personality that will connect more effectively with the consumer.

Equally in photography, a more informal, candid style is the current trend. With the vast majority of photos that are shared and stored online being taken on a smartphone, everyone nowadays is something of a photographer. So polished photos with posed models no longer seem to connect with consumers, as we want to see real people in action (with all their flaws and imperfections); yet with enough refinement to make the image interesting – that’s where the professionals come in!