Bland identity

5 tips to avoid a Bland Identity

Bland:  (adj) Devoid of any distinctive or stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; dull; insipid; unemotional.

Boring graphic clichés such as swooshes, globes and random shapes will fail to deliver anything meaningful. To catch your customer’s attention, you’ll need something with a bit more substance.

Graphic design becomes a real investment when it engages with and informs your audience.

So make your marketing meaningful by ensuring every piece has something to say. Great design is founded in your company’s history, its vision and, most importantly, why you’re the best option for your valued customers.

Whether you’re commissioning a new logo, a brochure, a website or a PR campaign, the ultimate aim is to catch your audience’s attention and effectively represent your brand and the people, products / services it represents. Your communications must always speak directly to your customers and allow your organisation to shine in its best possible light.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your branding is doing its job:

  1. Know thy enemy
    Know what your competitors’ brands look like, as well as what the industry as a whole is doing. What do customers expect from your field? By getting a deeper understanding of what the “norm” is, you can decide when to adhere to it and when to set yourself apart.
  2. Stay on message
    Your vision and values are what makes your business unique. Make sure that your customers understand these values. Through careful communications, your values can eventually become synonymous with your name.
  3. Keep consistent
    By keeping the message clear and simple and by carefully making sure that all communications remain consistently in-line with your brand, you’ll help your customers to become familiar with your brand and understand exactly how your product / service will benefit them.
  4. Move with the times
    With the days of rigid identity systems behind us, your identity can often come alive in the real and digital world. Avoid applying your brand blandly, but add ideas and depth to the experience. Your simple iconic symbol on twitter or facebook could well be the way people experience your brand first.
  5. Cut the jargon
    Your customers want to know about how your products or services will benefit them. Keep it simple and, where space is short, avoid getting too technical. Make sure that your communications stay clear and relevant, without the need for loads of explanation and post rationalisation.

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