Brand Evolution: Consistency vs Fluidity

Developments in modern technology have lead to greater transparency and businesses are now held accountable to a much higher standard than in the past. So brand consistency has never been more crucial when trying to establish a trusted brand that is easily recognisable. Successful corporate identities often feature simplistic, yet comprehensive designs, that are instantly recognisable within their market place.

However, since society is now more diverse and fluid, with instant access to countless resources, we also need to avoid the use of annoying repetition.

Modern brands need to embrace a number of different media to relate to their customers, meaning that, although consistency is still vital, it now needs to take on a more fluid form. This may mean the development of a looser set of parameters, which allows the brand to remain familiar yet also encourages diversity across the various media outlets and different markets.

The ideal is a flexible and adaptable brand, that maintains the ability to be recognised immediately, yet is protected from becoming dated and irrelevant.

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