Give your marketing a boost

Promoting your business and engaging with prospects and customers is a must to keep new business rolling in. Yet hiring an all-bells-and-whistles design agency can be expensive and, employing an in-house designer might not be quite what you need.

This is why many independent businesses are outsourcing to small, flexible design studios, to give their marketing a much needed boost. Small studios (like Creative Joy) work with small businesses, getting to know what makes them so unique and delivering that message to their audience in the most effective way. Here are five reasons why this could be the best option for your business too:

    Small design studios have small overheads.
    With fantastic design agency experience, this means you pay less for top-class design for your marketing. Also, a remote team of specialists (including printers, copywriters, proof-readers and web-developers) is on-hand to collaborate when needed, but keep day-to-day costs low due to a flexible arrangement.


    It’s our job to impress you, all of the time.
    As a small business nothing is more important to me than your satisfaction with the designs delivered and making sure each project effectively answers your brief and engages with your audience.


    Fixed monthly retainer vs Pay-as-you-go.
    I’m always keen to find a solution that works for your business and will be here to support you in the way that suits you best.


    Lighten your workload.

    If you struggle to juggle lots of different tasks, a creative partner could be the answer. Plus, you won’t be spending untold sums of money paying for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and other costs normally associated with an in-house employee! My fee is based on either a flat rate per project or a retainer, so costs are determined purely upon the value of the project and my expertise as a provider – nothing more.


    Are you really seeing your brand from your customer’s viewpoint?
    A fresh pair of eyes can make sure that you’re focusing on the key benefits of your business and delivering these messages in the most effective way.


In summary, working with a creative partner will enable you to deliver the best projects to your audience. You’ll have a team on side that knows your needs inside-out and you won’t need to invest valuable time establishing a relationship every time you put a brief out to tender. But don’t just take it from me! Here are a couple of comments from other local businesses who have benefitted from outsourcing their design:

“Outsourcing our graphic design to Creative Joy has allowed us to get our business message out to our current and prospect customers in an eye catching and engaging way. Further to that, it has meant that we have been able to unify our branding across all of our printed and online media, giving us consistency and making us instantly recognisable to our customers.

The ongoing relationship that we have means that we are able to introduce new media in a timely fashion that is in line with our company style. Joy is professional, flexible and understood our needs from the outset.”

Lisa Smith
Head of Marketing and Customer Services
Chicane Voice and Data


“At Upstix we are full of ideas of different ways to promote our business and the great thing about working with Joy, is that she brings these ideas to life so we can use them in adverts, leaflets, posters and anything else that works. If we tried to do this ourselves we would end up with an amateurish bodge so we go to Joy every time!”

Ian Pulford MARLA
Upstix Ventures LLP


If you think your business could benefit from a flexible creative partner, please call me today for a no obligation chat, on 01473 744884 or email me at