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A day in my design life…

Groundhog Day? Not a chance!

Like for so many of us these days, there’s really no such as thing as a typical day! One day is never like the next and that’s what makes my job so interesting to me and keeps my ideas fresh.

My current schedule includes two new brand identities, three websites, a school prospectus, a theatre programme, exhibition banners, drinks labels, some promotional flyers and some branded infographics.

So more than just designing, my work entails communicating, planning, quoting, and sometimes managing elements that require outsourcing: printing / website development / copywriting / proofreading / photography. Above all, my priority is making sure that all projects are delivered within the agreed timeframe and making sure my clients are happy and up-to-date.

The first thing I do in the morning is check my email and make any quick edits on ongoing projects; I try to get these turned around quickly to keep the project moving forwards and on schedule for everyone, or at least let the client know when they can expect a new version.

I work directly with marketing managers and small business owners, which means that decisions are often made quickly and we can keep momentum through the process. Often the best results are a healthy collaboration between my initial concepts and subsequent feedback from the client.

Depending on the workload, sometimes work will continue into the evening or weekend. Whilst I try to keep a good work/life balance, I am fortunate to really enjoy my work and find myself willingly thinking about my design/creative projects a lot. Of course having kids helps to restore balance – I arrange my schedule so that I can be with them on the days they are back from school early, and I stack up work on the days they’re not.

When time allows, I fit in a short run (with the dog!), which is always a welcome break from the desk and great for a bit of fresh thinking time and new ideas at the beginning of a creative project.

So long as my clients are happy and business is booming – it’s a pretty good day in my design life.