7 Major marketing mistakes to avoid

We market our business to impress and retain our customers, entice new prospects and ultimately make sure new work keeps rolling in. However mistakes in marketing are much more common than you’d think. Here are a few common mistakes, to help you avoid slipping up:


1. Not identifying your target market

All marketing should be based on these basic essentials:
a) WHO your customers are
b) WHY they want your product or service
c) HOW to reach them


2. Not making clear the unique benefits to your customers and prospects

Always make sure that your customers understand:
a)  Why they should choose you, rather than your competitors
b)  What your unique selling point (USP) is
c)  How your product or service can solve their problem


3. Not selling to your existing customers
You already know who they are and that they wanted what you sell. So selling to your existing customers is so much cheaper and easier than finding new customers. Perhaps you have new products to sell to existing customers, as well as existing products to sell to new customers…


4. Failing to track the effectiveness of your marketing
You may have heard the well-known quote from the 1930s:
“Only half of my marketing is working, but I don’t know which half!”
a)  Make sure you know where you get your customers from
b)  Avoid wasting time and resources by making sure you know what’s working and what isn’t.


5. Not understanding the lifetime value of a customer
Knowing how much each customer is worth to you will help you calculate how much you’re willing to spend on keeping that customer happy, as well as how much you’re willing to spend on fishing for new customers.


6. Failure to use testimonials
Loyal customers like your product or service and are often happy to provide a testimonial, which can be used across your marketing. Whether written, or captured on video, testimonials are really powerful and can add real authenticity to your brand.


7. Not using the correct media to connect with your customers
Having established WHO your ideal customers are and WHAT message you want to share with them, you can then decide HOW to get that message across and which form(s) of media to use. Depending on where your customers are most likely to be, there are numerous ways to catch their attention; at a trade exhibition / in their trade or local press / social media / radio / ambient media / direct mail. Often it’s a combination of several channels that will eventually sway a potential customer and, like many challenges in life, perseverance is the golden word!


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